AARP The Girlfriend
AD Dian Holton

Courier Issue 51

Courier 50th Issue Special
ZZZZZZZZZ... - By Megan Carnegie

The Ethel - Is your diet aging your face? - by Candy Sagon

Illustration gif of a stylish woman lying on a green sofa in her living room eating fast food from her lap. Her unhealthy diet causes wrinkles, aging her skin and surprising her. Funny gif illustration by Ana Curbelo, Untepid.

The Girlfriend - Banish Bikini Bumps Once And For All - By Danielle Braff

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The Girlfriend - The 30-Minute Workout That Could Give You A New Booty In 30 Days - By Danielle Braff

Merit Award at The Society of Publication Designers 58, 2023

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BBC x The Open University, Mental Health Awareness

'Growing myself a garden' had the biggest engagement on the BBC's official instagram account that month.
‘Growing myself a garden’ was also posted on the official BBC’s instagram account and was their highest performing engagement post that month.

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