Unleash Your Inner Animal - ART DIRECTION

Briefed to create promotional material for a new nightclub. Created a campaign that reflected the enhanced animalistic behaviours, tipical on a night out. We made an interactive flyer, that not only had all the events information, but also served as a poster our target audience (university students) could keep on their wall, working as a friendly reminder of where to go out. When the blue acetate sleeve is removed, it reveals a hidden wild side. It unfolds to show some brief information about the club, providing the website for further details. The aim was to minimise the information provided in order to arouse curiosity and word of mouth marketing. The flyer unfolds again to reveal a calendar of the nightclub events.It lastly unfolds into a large poster with the original image. At night, once dark (when the nightclub opens), phosphorescent ink reveals secret illustrations reminding the viewers to 'unleash their inner animal' - aka go to the club that night.

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London, United Kingdom